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Face-off between Indian and Chinese soldiers in North Sikkim, resolved

There was a face-off Saturday between Indian and Chinese soldiers along the disputed India-China boundary in north Sikkim, which led to minor injuries on both sides.

As per sources, soldiers from Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the Indian Army confronted each other near the Naku La sector, ahead of Muguthang, on Saturday when they came face-to-face with each other. Naku La is a pass in North Sikkim at an altitude of more than 5,000 metres above Mean Sea Level.

Sources confirmed that there was a display of aggressive behaviour and soldiers on both sides sustained minor injuries. The two sides, however, disengaged after an interaction at the local level and dialogue between both the armies.

Sources said that the face-off was “temporary and short duration” in nature and was not a stand-off. Such incidents occur wherever there are some unresolved boundary issues, but this was after a long time. As has been the case, both the armies resolve such issues mutually as per established protocols, sources added.

The clash has happened three years after a stand-off between India and China, which was also across the border in Sikkim. The stand-off, which lasted for 73 days had resulted in heightened tensions between the two nations and their armies, began after China had built a road south of Doklam, an area that both China and Bhutan claimed belonged to them.

During the 2017 stand-off between, troops of the Indian Army and China’s People’s Liberation Army had been involved in scuffle and stone-pelting in Ladakh.

Source: IE

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